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As office politics go, there are many unspoken rules which are known by many but are still unknown to a few. The rules are usually very clear to everyone when it comes to personal possessions but there are still issues emerging with products that appear communal.

Improving your work environment

The latest research has shown that natural light is the most requested feature of workspaces.
Natural light makes us feel good and when we feel good we are more productive which is great news for businesses.

Why not renovate your workplace and include flat roof skylights?

Rooflights let huge amounts of natural light in to your work space. This will also make you less reliant on artificial light keeping your electricity bills down.
EOS Rooflights have an extensive range of flat roof skylights. Give them a call on 0203 131 8587 to discuss your options.

Community feeling in the office

The staff kitchen can be dangerous territory if you're unclear of office politics. People will have their own milk and speciality teas which cannot be used by anyone else but themselves but what do you do if you've ran out of milk?
Friction can be caused in the work environment unintentionally but there are solutions to this. Many offices are adopting communal beverage systems such as water coolers and coffee machines, this way there is less need for employees to have personal items at work.

For those who get annoyed at colleagues stealing their coffee, that will no longer be a problem if you install a commercial coffee system. A pay as you go coffee system will mean that no one will ever run out and be forced to use someone else's supply.

A water cooler offers an alternative to the mass amounts of tea drunk in London offices. Although tea drinking is routine for many office workers, having the alternative of filtered water available with convenience will encourage more people to stay hydrated.



Need for security in your Office

RSSD Security is a private, family owned company that has been operating since 1985, and became a limited company in 1998. During those years we have developed an efficient and responsive organisation, where ouremployees use their skills in an atmosphere full of team spirit.

We have a strong desire to ensure that for those people that know us, our name remains synonymous with quality, professionalism and integrity. Our greatest strength, lies in our commitment to our staff and their professional excellence.

We hold ourselves to higher standards, higher standards of training and accomplishment, higher standards of customer service and satisfaction. We expect the very best from all our employees because we are committed to delivering the best service and value to our customers. Many leading businesses individuals and have chosen RSSD to look after their offices.

Dealing With Office Politics - Career Skills from

There's too much wrangling and maneuvering going on. We just hate this office politicking". "Tim, well he's a smart political mover – knows exactly how to get what he wants and how to get on." Whether you hate it, admire it, practice it or avoid it, office politics is a fact of life in any organisation. And, like it or not, it's something that you need to understand and master to be sure of your own success.

NOTICE: Due to the large number of complaints from companies about staff reading this entire website when they should be working, we have removed the contents and published them in a book so you can read them on your way to and from work . This will keep your boss happy and, because it is a very good book, it will also keep you happy. Thank You.



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